Stroke in Sandy Springs, GA

A stroke is a life-altering and potentially fatal medical emergency, resulting in oxygen loss to your brain. A better outcome can be achieved through quick response and treatment.

Signs and Symptoms of a Stroke

There are several signs and symptoms you need to be aware of, so you can watch out for them in yourself and in others around you. Signs and symptoms of a stroke include:

  • A sudden feeling of numbness in your face or extremities, occurring on one side of your body
  • Sudden blurred vision or vision loss, typically occurring in one eye
  • Problems speaking or understanding the speech of others
  • A sudden, severe headache or dizziness
  • Problems walking or loss of balance
  • Confusion, fainting, or nausea

Causes of a Stroke

  • An aneurysm
  • A blood clot
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Uncontrolled, chronic high blood pressure
  • Abnormalities in blood vessels

Types of Stroke

There are two main types of stroke, which are:

  • An ischemic stroke, occurring when a blood clot blocks blood flowing to your brain. This is the most common type of stroke.
  • A hemorrhagic stroke, occurring from a blood vessel in your brain rupturing.

Treatment of Stroke

Stroke treatment varies depending on the type of stroke experienced.

Ischemic stroke treatment involves breaking up the clot, using medication to dissolve the clot, or an endovascular procedure to remove the clot.

Hemorrhagic stroke treatment involves stopping the bleeding in the brain, using a catheter to insert a device which prevents hemorrhage. Surgical removal of the aneurysm is another option.

A stroke can be devastating, and prompt diagnosis and treatment are essential to a good outcome. Your doctor can help with rehabilitation and recovery from a stroke.

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