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Thank You for visiting my Website Gerald Silverboard, M.D, Specialist in Neurology. I am starting my Forteith Year of Practice in Neurology serving the greater Atlanta Community, my Hometown. I treat the full spectrum of Neurological conditions including Migraine, Cerebral Aneurysms/ AVMs and related Headache conditions as well as Stroke, Parkinson's disease, Dementia and Alzheimer's disease, Movement disorders and Tremor, Fainting, Epilepsy and Seizures, Vertigo, Sports related Concussion, Peripheral Neuropathy and Neurological Complications of Medical Illnesses such as Cancer, Metabolic disease and Diabetes/ Endocrine disorders. I frequently see referrals from ENT, Ob Gyn, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry for Neurological complications of those Specialties. I diagnose Neuromuscular (ALS) and Demyelinating diseases (Multiple sclerosis) and coordinate care for these diseases with Centers of Excellence where investigative therapies are available. My Practice offers the full range of ancillary tests including MRI and CT Brain and Spine Imaging, Electroencephalography (EEG), Neurophysiology tests as EMG/NCV as well as Neuropsychology assessment when indicated. I am on the Active staff of Emory St. Joseph's and Northside Hospital as well as Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. I work closely with the Neurohospitalist Services at Emory and Northside. I frequently refer Patients for Physical, Occupational and Cognitive Therapy if indicated. I work with College Health Services and provide Transition of Care for Neurologically challenged young Adults.

I have published on Stroke, Migraine and Epilepsy in the adult literature. I listen to my Patients and provide Continuity of Care. I answer Patient concerns in a timely fashion. I have a Staff DEDICATED to my Patient's well being.

Revised 9/13/19 gsmd


Three new medications are now available for treatment of Chronic Migraine in patients who have an average of 4 or more headaches per month and have failed traditional oral prophylactic medications. Emgality, Aimovig, and Ajovy are anti-CRP (calcitonin gene-related peptide) therapies which work against the immune cause of Migraine with monthly or quarterly single dose therapies and minimal potential adverse side effects. Studies have indicated up to a 50% reduction in headache. Onset of action is rapid. Consider these therapies in patients with Chronic Migraine/Chronic Daily headache in 18 years of age or older.

***Please note: No Analgesics will be refilled over holidays or holiday weekends****

Notice to Current and New Patients

Atlanta Family Neurology and Atlanta Child Neurology Main Office Number is answered 24-7 hours weekdays and weekends. For all Urgent Emergencies go to your nearest Emergency Room ASAP.

Please request prescription refills during Office Hours. Narcotics are not filled at night or on weekends.
Please complete Office Information Forms On-Line when possible prior to In-Person Office Visits.

In-Person Office Consultation and Followup, Visits are readily available, however, Tele Neurology is encouraged with FaceTime, Zoom, Google Duo, and Skype for safety and your convenience. Tele Neurology is covered by most Insurance Plans during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Dr. Silverboard evaluates Recovering Patients with Neurological Complications of COVID 19 initially by Teleneurology

Dr. Gerald Silverboard will be out from July 9th to the 16th

Please check in before then if you have any questions or refills due. 
You can call us at (404) 255-2670 or use the Patient Portal.



  • Gerald Silverboard

    A native of Atlanta, Gerald Silverboard graduated with Honors from Grady High School and attended Tulane University, New Orleans, LA where he received his BA degree as a premed student. 

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