Telehealth and the Coronavirus

Atlanta Family Neurology/ Atlanta Child Neurology

March 12, 2020


Dear Patients:

The Coronavirus Pandemic is a serious challenge to all persons whether totally healthy or medically challenged. It is my desire to continue to provide excellent neurological care to my established patients and future clientele with Neurological concerns. Social Distancing to prevent the spread of the Virus is being encouraged as is thorough hand washing with contact exposure.

For now my Practice will remain open to Patients for Followup visits and Consults however I am in the process of providing TELEMEDICINE access for followup patients via Skype and/ or Facetime. I have done this in the past very successfully for many patients. This avoids loss of time from work, no travel time, no need for a baby sitter and comparable cost of an office visit. There is no concern therefore about exposure to Coronavirus.

As in an Office visit, you will be asked to pay by Credit or Debit Card at the time of the Teleneurology visit based on your Insurance policy. If your Insurance does not cover Teleneurology, you will be responsible for the established fee which will be disclosed when your appointment is made.

Again the Goal is Neurological Continuity of Care during a Medical Pandemic which allows Social Distancing to minimize exposure to my patient population.

For those Patients unable to do Teleneurology, I remain available by Office Phone or Answering Service at all times.

My Entire Family and my Staff send our Community of Patients and their Families our Love and our Prayers for continued good health and happiness in this difficult time.


Gerald Silverboard, M.D.